Contacting our office:

Juneau forecast office National Weather Service
Forecast Office
 8500 Mendenhall Loop Road
Juneau, AK 99801-9218
Juneau forecast office in winter

Main Office Menu Phone: (907) 790-6800
Fax: (907) 790-6827
Administration (907) 790-6802 Meteorologist in Charge
Tom Ainsworth
(907) 790-6804
Warning Coordination Meteorologist
Joel Curtis
(907) 790-6803 Science Operations Officer
Bryan Caffrey
(907) 790-6806
Information Technology Officer
Jason Powers
(907) 790-6816 Senior Service Hydrologist
Aaron Jacobs
(907) 790-6821
Public Forecast recordings:  Alaska Weather Information Line
in Juneau (907) 790-6850 in Fairbanks (907) 458-3745
in Anchorage (907) 266-5145 elsewhere in Alaska 1-800-472-0391

Our office is located off Mendenhall Loop Road in the back of the Mendenhall Valley (otherwise known as Back Loop Road). For more information about the office and the Southeast Alaska panhandle, try here. Juneau map to the forecast office