Marine Fax Images
Ice Charts
Description Size Updated
Cook Inlet Sea Ice Analysis 60.26KB Apr 16 14:55
Sea Ice Analysis 77.55KB Sep 30 14:10
5 Day Sea Ice Forecast 74.79KB Sep 30 14:10
Sea Surface Temperature Analysis 118.08KB Sep 30 14:10
Other Products
Description Size Updated
500MB Analysis 65.66KB Nov 24 07:20
48hr 500mb Forecast 66.79KB Nov 24 07:20
96hr 500mb Forecast 66.82KB Nov 24 07:50
Surface Charts
Description Size Updated
24hr Surface Forecast 86.4KB Nov 24 10:20
48hr Surface Forecast 82.32KB Nov 24 09:20
96hr Surface Forecast 73.2KB Nov 24 11:20
Wind/Seas Charts
Description Size Updated
Sea-State Analysis 58.62KB Nov 23 17:20
Significant Wave Forecast 78.37KB Nov 24 10:20
96hr Wind/Wave Forecast 70.13KB Nov 24 11:20
48hr Wave Period Forecast 71.19KB Nov 24 07:20
96hr Wave Period Forecast 69.82KB Nov 24 07:20

Marine Fax Charts either produced or processed by the Anchorage Forecast Office, for use on RadioFax.
Note: The latest version of each weather chart is available here. This list is not in the order of transmission.

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